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5u ICT Support for Schools - Security Risks To Be Aware of With The Internet of Things

Adam Nathan's Interop-Centric CLR Blog
Adam Nathan's blogs almost exclusively about interop.

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DevelopMentor mailing lists
The DOTNET-CX, VBDOTNET, ADVANCED-DOTNET and DOTNET-CLR lists all cover interop related questions. Pick the most appropriate list for your problem. See the list charters (usually first message in archives) for details.

Microsoft .NET Interop newsgroup (microsoft.public.dotnet.framework.interop) (web interface) (archives)
Good group dedicated to interop issues. Please search the archives before posting.

A wiki with interop declarations, created by Adam Nathan.

Sam Gentile's Blog
Sam is another blogger who frequently writes about interop.


MSDN and GotDotNet

How does a .NET application connect to unmanaged code, including COM libraries, ActiveX controls, and native (Win32) DLLs? This section includes links to resources to help you connect your .NET code to the unmanaged component(s) that you need to use.

Platform Invoke Cheat Sheet
A collection of P/Invoke resources maintained by the BCL team.

MSDN Online Chats: C++ Native/Managed Interop and Migration

MSDN Online Chats: Visual Studio Tools for Office

MSDN TV: Platform Invoke Tips & Tricks: Memory Ownership and Levels of Indirection
Sonja Keserovic explains memory ownership assumptions under which interop marshaler works, and the differences between using managed structures vs. classes and how this choice affects the number of levels of indirection for passed parameters.

MSDN TV: Activating Managed Classes From COM
This segment explains events that are happening inside the COM infrastructure and CLR in order to locate and load managed classes from COM. Registry entries, their purpose and new side-by-side activation are covered.



Aurigma COM to .NET
Aurigma COM to .NET is intended for simplifying of migration of COM-based code to .NET. This product allows you create COM wrappers in managed C# code.

COM Type Library Parser and Object Model for .NET
The Type Library Object Model for .NET provides access to data stored in COM type libraries through a .NET object model. The object model is packaged as a .NET assembly that can be used from any .NET-aware development environment.

Office XP PIAs
Download the Office XP PIAs and use them to develop Office XP solutions with Visual Studio .NET.

The dm.net COM Moniker
The .NET moniker allows classic COM code to create instances of managed types using the standard Moniker infrastructure.



FIX: Your Windows Forms user control does not print and does not appear in Print Preview in Internet Explorer (835847)

A licensed Windows Forms user control does not appear in the browser if you connect to the Web site by using Windows NT authentication (834855)

FIX: COM Interop Call May Return Incorrect HRESULT (828943)

FIX: References to STA Objects That Are Stored in Session State May Become Corrupted If They Are Called from a Session_End Event (827164)

FIX: References to STA Objects That Are Stored in Session State May Become Corrupted If They Are Called from a Session_End Event (827163)

FIX: Marshal.ReleaseComObject Does Not Correctly Release Objects That Implement the IDisposable Interface (826915)

FIX: "COMException - Type Mismatch" Error Message When You Pass a VARIANT Parameter from Managed Code (818982)

FIX: "COM Object Can Not Be Used" Error Message When You Use an STA COM Object That You Created by Using Server.CreateObject and Stored in Session Scope in a Different Web Page (818612)

FIX: Severe Performance Issues When You Bind Session State to Threads in ASPCompat Mode (817005)

Access Violation May Occur in COM Modules When Managed Process Exits (813588)

FIX: .NET Framework Implementation of IEnumConnections::Next Causes the Client Application to Stop Responding (813105)

FIX: The Windows Forms ActiveX Control Importer (Aximp.exe) Does Not Handle Default Values Correctly (811532)

FIX: Invalid Object in ASP Session State (810245)

FIX: ExecutionEngineException Error After a Typical Exception Is Thrown (330900)

FIX: You receive a "NullReferenceException" error message when you try to pass a .NET Framework class to a COM wrapper class (328557)

INFO: Post-Service Pack 2 .NET Framework Core CLR Hotfix Package (328544)

BeforeNavigate2 Event of WebBrowser Control Does Not Fire (327135)

Composite ActiveX Controls Do Not Reactivate When Focus Is on the Child Control (326251)

COM Interop Cannot Propoerly Deal with A Disconnected Stub (325699)

FIX: Windows Control That Is Hosted in Microsoft Internet Explorer Leaks Unmanaged Resources (324547)

FIX: Marshaling of Fixed Arrays of BSTR Fields in .NET Framework (324181)

Access Violation in Type Library Importer When You Import More Than 81 Event Interfaces (322376)

FIX: OnKeyUp Event Does Not Fire for WebBrowser Control (322173)

FIX: Marshalling Structures that Contain SafeArray Fields (322172)

An Access Violation Occurs in ADO Under Heavy Stress with .NET COM Interop or Java (321415)

FIX: Type Library Importer (Tlbimp.exe) Fails to Parse Certain Type Libraries (316552)

FIX: COM Interop Marshaler Incorrectly Matches Types Between Assemblies (316334)



Programming Microsoft Outlook with Visual Studio .NET

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